At Last!!! . . .

We had the last of Megan's birthday celebrations this past weekend.  It was a wonderful turnout and the perfect kind of weather with blue skies and low humidity.  We rented a bouncy castle for the kids to jump around in and it was a huge hit with all of them. I was so busy playing hostess that I didn't get any photos of the kids bouncing around but trust me . . .  they had a blast!!!

When they all got tired of bouncing it was onto the sandbox.  Jim made this sandbox when Megan was a baby and I can't tell you how many hours have been spent in that thing!!

We ordered pizzas and the kids all sat on blankets for a "pizza picnic."  I have to say I really love this age.  They don't yet care about what other people think of them and they say whatever is on their mind.  Good or bad!!  : )

 Next it was onto watermelon, ice cream sandwiches and cupcakes that I made in between periods of the Rangers game.  (We'll get 'em next year guys!!!)  I had to take a photo of my friend Kelli's youngest son, Desmond.  He's the youngest of five boys!!!  Isn't he the cutest thing???  He reminds me a lot of my oldest son Connor when he was that age.  He has those big "Fred Flintstone" feet like Connor did.  Lol!!!

Desmond loving his ice cream sandwich!!!

Meghan and Megan!!!  These two are like frick and frack!!!

 Everyone left dirty and tired and full of pizza, ice cream and cupcakes.  The perfect day if you ask me!!!  : )

This is our last full week of pre-k before Megan graduates next Wednesday.  It's so hard to believe the summer is almost here and even harder to believe that my baby girl will be going to kindergarten in September.  Lots of exciting things to look forward to!!!

Have a beautiful day ~ Wendy


mamasmercantile said...

They grow so quickly. Looks like a really good day had by all, creating some wonderful memories.

Shel said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate turning five! Her smile truly says it all! Oh, and that sandbox is completely gorgeous! xo

sage and spirit said...

Looks like everyone had a great time! And those cupcakes look awesome! xx

Elizabeth said...

What a fun party - absolutely ideal!
The kiddies look to have had the most wonderful time.
Our grandson is about the same age as your daughter and will be off to kindergarten in the fall too.