There's a New Six Year Old in the House!! . . .

Waiting for the crowd to arrive with brother number three.

Our sweet and sassy baby girl turns six today!!  WHAAAAT??? We've been counting down the days since we turned our Walking Dead calendar to the month of May!!  It's been a loooooong 17 days!!!  : )  Megan said she wanted a rainbow themed bowling party so that is what she got on Saturday.  After all, it's not every day that a girl turns six you know!!

Wouldn't you love to know what these girlies were giggling about??  LOL!!  I love that Megan's friend Genevieve came to the bowling party in her Halloween costume!!  These new friends of Megan's are such a sweet bunch.  I'm so happy that she's fitting right in with them.  : )

These kids are adorable!!  Megan has been so lucky to have such a great bunch of kids in her kindergarten class.  The parents are all  friendly too.  It was nice to be able to get to know some of them better at the party. 

Of course Megan's bff Cybele came and fit right in with everyone.  We hadn't seen Cybele and her mom/my friend Ophie in a couple of months.  It's just so crazy how quickly the time goes.

Trevor came for some bowling and pizza.  The boys were all very impressed that Megan had two big brothers at her party.  Brother number one is currently vacationing in Mexico.  Tough life, huh??

My love.

Meg's friend Colin getting the shake down.  I laugh every time I look at this!!!

All I can say is these kids are a bunch of characters.  Just look at those faces!!  Tonight we're going to our local diner with family as per Megan's request.  She's in love with one of the waitresses there and can't wait to tell her it's her birthday.  Thursday night we head down the mountain to have dinner with my father in law and Uncle Tom (my brother in law from my first marriage).  They've been in Ireland for the last two weeks and come home tomorrow.  The celebrating will continue throughout the week.  Such a lucky little girl to have so many people that love her.  She truly is our gift from above.  : )

~ Wendy


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Bhutan Knit N Crochet said...


mamasmercantile said...

Belated Birthday wishes, what a wonderful celebration. May it continue for a little longer, she certainly is surrounded by love as she goes though the adventure of growing up. She is beautiful. Take care Wendy.

sage and spirit said...

All those happy, smiling faces! Looks like it was the best rainbow-themed bowling party ever!
Now, for your birthday, will we see a zombie-themed party? ;)